My daughter is visiting from Australia twice this year - what's the best way to insure her on my car?

My 23 year old daughter, with five years No Claims Bonus, is returning home to the UK after 11 months in Australia. I'm looking to insure her car for a minimum of her five to six week stay in January. She plans to return to Australia after. Her annual premium would be about £340, but I'm considering other options because she plans to come home for a family wedding in July for another four to six weeks. Should I insure her for 12 months, after which she would have an additional year NCB (hopefully) and I would have use of the car as a named driver? Or should I just cover the two individual periods that she's back in the country? Alternatively, I could insure her for a continuous eight month period, covering the two trips home.

Asked on 21 November 2017 by John Cull

Answered by Tim Kelly
You can't insure her, with you as a named driver, if you do not have access to another vehicle. Otherwise it would be seen as fronting, as you would be the main user of the vehicle rather than your daughter. If you do, then it would be fine to insure her for the full 12 months, and cancel it after eight. The other two options would also be fine. But she could also use a pay on use policy. Google them, there are a few that do it.
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