Why is my dealer taking so long to repair my Nissan X-Trail's turbocharger?

I bought a May 2004 X-Trail 2.2 Sport DCI (136) back in 2005 from a fleet company with 16,000 on the clock. In 2006, just out of warranty, the fuel pump "split" and after a week of vague communication with them Nissan agreed to fund the repairs. Last week the turbo went. Our local garage stripped it down and confirmed the turbo had gone, and that in doing so had sucked the oil from the engine into it, meaning I would need a new engine too. I was about to go ahead with the repairs when my boss told me the turbo fault was a known one and that I should Google it for confirmation. Hence I ended up at your website and thereafter calling Nissan customer care to see if they could assist in anyway.

I was issued a case number and manager who was really helpful, confirmed twice that it was a known problem with my model and that I had a "good chance" of getting a contribution towards the repairs from them, but that a Nissan dealership would need to strip it down and make the diagnosis. I rang my local dealers and spoke to their head of service, who was lovely and after again confirming that the turbo fault was well known, agreed to recover the car from my local garage on 9 September and arrange for it to be stripped down the following day. My husband range this afternoon (13 September) to see if there was any news and was told that my car will now not be looked at until this coming Friday. I am now wondering how long is reasonable to give the dealership time to complete the diagnosis on my car.

I believe from Consumer Direct that despite their admission of a known fault, I do not have a leg to stand on with Nissan as I did not buy the vehicle from them and the warranty has expired, so anything they do is a goodwill gesture. Whatever happens the work will need doing, so I will ultimately be a customer and would like to feel like I'm being treated like one. I may just be overreacting, but I wondered if there was anything legal which I had missed.

Asked on 13 September 2010 by Turboless

Answered by Lucy
It's a six-year-old car and any contribution made will be given as a goodwill gesture. It is unlikely that Nissan have any legal responsibility for repairing a vehicle of this age. Given that this was only recovered from your local garage on 9 September, delivered to them on 10 September and it is now afternoon on 13 September, and we have had a two-day weekend in between, I don't think you have any grounds for complaint yet. You certainly don't have any options to go legal.
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