I returned a hire car with a small scratch on the painted bumper - have I been ripped off on the £300 repair costs?

I returned a hire car last month with a small scratch on the painted plastic bumper. Having rejected the rip-off insurance I fully expected to pay for the repair however not the £300 they charged me. We all pick up minor scrapes and having paid £100 and £120 for similar professional repairs recently (on a far more expensive vehicle) I know I've been ripped off. Even adding a day's hire to the bill it is double what it should be. How should I pursue them? I already asked for their "repair grid" that confirms all their rip-off pricing (eg £194 for a scuffed alloy, something I'd pay £50 to repair on my own car). I suspect this is just a life lesson I need to accept.

Asked on 17 October 2017 by Peter Linton

Answered by Honest John
Not necessarily, which hire company was it? Europcar were recently under investigation by trading standards. Is it worth pursuing? Yes it is, contact them back and raise a complaint. Ask them to provide proof the vehicle has been repaired and evidence of the bill and the outlay paid.

They would be on a very sticky wicket if it was to end up in court and they did not have the above. They can and will argue that it was in the contract - and that is fine the argument is over quantum (that is if you did damage it) always take photos prior agreeing hire of every part of the car. A scratch through the paint on a bumper will and can easily cost £300, your argument is unless they have repaired it, they have not lost the money. They often do not repair it, and put the vehicle through auction end of lease.
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