I'm being charged for damage to a hire car sat nav that I didn't even use - what can I do?

I hired a car through 'Firefly' at Malaga Airport. The car's damage report sheet arrived blank and as such I had to go around the car marking any faults. I returned the car and they agreed to refund me my full deposit. Two months later, I have received an invoice of £400 for repairs to the sat nav system in the vehicle. I have stressed to them that I never used the system and, despite us not using it, it didn't appear to be damaged, however they are insisting I pay them (Hertz) in the next five days or they will seek legal action. They have not provided proof other than a letter from the garage explaining the damage, and a photo of the sat nav screen (which looks absolutely fine as far as I can see on the photo and no visible damage).

I can't seem to find my handover sheet which was signed at the point of handover that the car was fine. They are trying to say that they can bill me for any damage found after the hire, however this seems ridiculous. Furthermore, the insurance I took out through Thomson to cover any damage only lasts for 30 days and as such I can't use the insurance to cover the costs.

Asked on 11 July 2018 by tucka20

Answered by Honest John
Contact Hertz advising that you are in no way liable for any damage to the sat nav. Advise that the supplying agent should have made you aware when the vehicle was dropped off it was found to faulty. Request how many other people have used the vehicle since you returned it.

Advise should they sue you will seek a counter claim for damages for the fraud they are trying to commit against you. You request all information from them from the check over, check in sheets, all notes, And the dealer OBD scan showing the date the sat nav unit was found to be defective.

Make it clear that you will not be paying the invoice,and they will have to take to court should they wish to pursue a claim. The cover you have through Thomson, if it was an insurance policy cannot be limited to 30 days. If it is to provide cover over a period of time, it is covered under the statute of limitations, which gives six years to raise a claim. The cannot restrict cover on that basis should someone wish to claim from you, so get Thomson Involved.
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