Can you suggest a good aftermarket CD player for my Vauxhall Insignia?

The Navigation module in my Vauxhall Insignia is faulty. The dealer is asking for £2000 to put new box and program in, so I bought the same module from eBay instead. However, it's showing that it's locked when I put it in my car. I can't afford the dealer, what do you advise? Can we install an after market CD player?

Asked on 19 October 2017 by Rameez

Answered by John Slavin
You should be able to fit a double-din size aftermarket Android-powered head unit - there are lots to choose from on Amazon from £200 upwards. The only problem is fitting, which you might be able to do yourself if you're technically-minded and have a good set of tools. You're probably better off finding an independent auto electrician though. It'll cost you, but not as much as the £2000 the dealer wants to charge.
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