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I sold a car two years ago with all the correct paperwork - why am I now being bothered by collection agents about it?

I've recently been battling the DVLA and collection agent about a car I sold in 2015. When sold, I filled out the V5C, had the buyer fill out their part and sign a receipt of sale. It was all addressed with the new owner's details. Sent all that off to DVLA and heard nothing until February 2017. I was contacted by a collection agency, so sent them all the same documents which I had copied and thought that was that. In September 2017 I got another demand from another collection agent, so sent them the details as well. I contacted the DVLA and sent them the copies again. No I've got a letter back still insisting that I pay £80. Where do I stand? I'm not going to pay.

Asked on 14 October 2017 by Mark

Answered by Honest John
I think you have adequate proof that you followed the correct procedure over and over again. Challenge the DVLA to take you to Small Claims where you will defend yourself with that proof. The collection agency that the DVLA is using is just fogbanking you by ignoring the evidence you have offered because that's how they work until they wear people down.
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