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I sold an old car to a dealer with more mileage than I said - do I owe him compensation?

I sold a 10 year old car with 27,000 miles and a full service history, only to be told a week later that the car had a speedo change eight years ago and has actually covered 35,000 miles. The dealer that has purchased the car for cash is threatening to take me to court unless I compensate him with £1000. Where do I stand with this as I had no previous knowledge of the speedo change?

Asked on 17 July 2017 by matt ridpath

Answered by Honest John
I'd let him take you to Small Claims and plead your innocence. The dealer is trying it on and deliberately scaring you. Unless the car is something like a Ferrari or a Porsche, a 7000 mile difference on a 10 year old car is worth buttons; certainly not £1000.
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