My year old Hyundai Tucson is suffering from clutch issues - do I have any recourse against Hyundai?

I bought my Hyundai Tucson 1.7 CDRI new in September 2016. It's a 6-speed manual diesel and I'm having major problems with clutch judder after 1500 miles. At first, I thought it was my driving style but I found out that there's a design fault on the clutch and other people are suffering the same fate. The dealer replaced the clutch and flywheel at 4000 miles, but told me it only fixes some cars. Unfortunately, at 6800 miles the problem has returned with a vengeance and has reached the point where I'm starting to hate driving the car. I've been in regular contact with Hyundai, but so far I'm not making much progress. What recourse do I have against Hyundai?

Asked on 12 October 2017 by red-triumph

Answered by Honest John
Your recourse is against the dealer, not against Hyundai. If your car cannot be satisfactorily fixed then the dealer has to buy it back from you at its current market value. I think the reason for this problem is that in the Tucson and Sportage the 1.7 CRDI develops its maximum torque from a very low 1250rpm, which makes it nicer to drive at low speeds than a diesel where max torque is developed as, say, 1750rpm, but gives the clutch and DMF a lot to cope with.
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