Are there still issues with the 1.5-litre engine in Volkswagen/Skoda models?

The petrol 1.5-litre engine in the Volkswagen Group range is supposedly fixed by software, but I rang my local garage and the sales guy didn't know about it at all. He put me through to servicing, who were also unsure until I pushed it and they said it was the 18-plate models that were affected. New cars are fixed apparently. If I plan to spend £35,000 on a new Skoda Karoq, you'd think the sales and service team would put my mind at rest.

Asked on 1 September 2020 by James. V. Ellis

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Volkswagen told us that they'd fixed the issue and weren't pursuing it further. In our experience driving a few of the newer 1.5 models (we had a Volkswagen T-Roc for about 3 months, and now have a Skoda Kamiq 1.5-litre for 6 months) - there are no juddering/hesitation issues. This is our own experience of those two cars, but we don't get complaints about any new models with that problematic engine. We do still get the occasional message about problems in 2017/2018 1.5-litre Volkswagen Group cars though.

What I would do, if you want the car, is send an email about the issue asking for confirmation that it's been fixed/won't affect your model. That way you have proof if something goes wrong. I'd also be asking to test drive the car if you can.
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