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Is Supaguard worth buying through a dealer?

I'm due to pick up a new Honda Civic within the next fortnight and the dealer has asked that I consider treating the paintwork and fabric with Supaguard. As the car is being purchased under the Motability scheme, I've been offered the product at an apparently discounted price of £196. Is this a product worth shelling out for? I only intend to keep the car for three years and, although dirt and grime will settle on the paintwork, I don't envisage any stains inside the car.

Asked on 9 October 2017 by Brian Luna

Answered by John Slavin
For that price there's a lot of commission going to a salesperson - which is nice for them but of no massive benefit to you. You're probably better off regularly getting the car regularly detailed over the time you own it - no paint protection is going to keep your car spotless, after all.
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