Volkswagen's warranty won't cover the paint defect on my Golf - how do I pursue this matter?

I purchased a Volkswagen Golf GTI about two years and nine months ago. I've now noticed paint peeling off both rear wheel arches. Volkswagen's warranty team has declined my warranty claim on the basis that the problem was caused by "external influence". They suggest stone chips, which I find incredible bearing in mind the problem affects both arches and no other part of the car. The decision was apparently made on the basis of paint depth readings (which proved no previous damage) and photographs only. They will not produce any documents to show how they reached this decision or indeed to explain it. They will not alter their position and say if I wish to pursue the matter I will need to instruct a paint expert at my own cost. I think this is unfair as it attempts to shift the burden of proof on to me. I wonder if you might be able to offer any guidance in this matter please.

Asked on 29 September 2017 by Michael Rigby

Answered by Honest John
First report I remember of this. Might be an issue specific to the colour. Volkswagen will have made the paint depth checks to make sure they were not at fault in not applying enough clearcoat over the colour coat. If you want to take it further, you will need to sue the supplying dealer, not Volkswagen itself, on the basis of unsatisfactory quality. You'll need three quotations to repair the defect, you will need the evidence of the paint expert and you will need to take your case to Small Claims:
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