My car hit a wall but the insurer has not repaired it - where do I stand?

In March my parked car somehow ended up rolling itself into a brick wall, cracking the base of it. I reported it to my insurer, but made no claim to fix my car as it only had a minor scratch on the rear bumper. The insurer said it would fix the brick wall as soon as possible and now, after six months, I can see the wall is in the same condition. You can barely see the crack, but no repairs have been done. Also, the insurer said I would lose my no claims bonus. If nothing is done by the time I need to get my insurance renewed, can I do something about it? It looks like they will leave the wall as it is and increase my premium, bearing in mind that the price is already higher than the value of the car - a 2007 Alfa Romeo 147.

Asked on 29 August 2017 by Cristian Barcaru

Answered by Honest John
Who owns the wall? Tell your insurer that you wish to cancel the claim unless they can show a third party has provided a copy of their outlay that they wish to claim back. This way, you will know where you stand. If no claim is made, it will protect your no claims.
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