I was hit by a lorry on a roundabout- who's at fault?

I was at a roundabout in the nearside lane which filtered left and straight ahead. A lorry was in the outside lane. I took off before the lorry to go straight across but my access and the car in front of me was blocked by a lorry coming out of the junction. I stopped completely, my wheels were slightly over the white line. The lorry came round on the outside and hit the side of my car causing damage the length of the car. Who is at fault?

Asked on 24 July 2017 by DK1

Answered by Tim Kelly
Without a full diagram and indication of where vehicles were relative to each other, it would be wrong for me to comment to say who's fault it was in this situation. But if you proceeded incorrectly into the path of a correctly proceeding vehicle then it would be your fault.
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