How do I avoid admin charges on my policy every time I change jobs?

My car insurance is due for renewal in November and when renewing I will advise details of my employment. However, In February I aim to retire and look for a local job to work a few hours a week. I should inform my insurers on my employment status but how can I avoid the insurers admin costs each time I change my employment status, possibly several times during my policy?

Asked on 17 July 2017 by adrian bland

Answered by Tim Kelly
Advise them you have semi-retired and then give a vague all encompassing job role, i.e. shop worker, consultant, etc. You would not need to update them for every change if it was in the same field. As long as it is not a high risk occupation, then it should not affect you. You do however need to make sure you are covered to drive to and from a place of work, even though you are retired if you use your car to get to work you need to make sure it has this area of cover.
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