A pavement parked car forces my daughter and pushchair onto the road to pass - is this a police or council matter?

My daughter with her pushchair often goes down a road where there's a Range Rover parked on the pavement, not completely but enough to stop her getting past with the pushchair. She cant cross over to another pavement as there isn't one, so she has to go into the road to pass the car which is very close to a bend. Vehicles have to go onto the other side of the road to pass. I've reported this to the local police but nothing has been done. Is this a police matter or should I be contacting the council?

Asked on 23 July 2017 by oilyxx

Answered by Honest John
Council matter. This sums it up: www.pedestriansafety.org.uk/footway_parking_legali.../ But some councils show leniency in older streets that were never designed for motor transport and where there is nowhere else to park. Of course, there is and always has been, one rule for Range Rover drivers and another for the plebs, so I fully understand your anger.
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