What car would be best for a driver without use of their left arm?

My girlfriend has no use of her left arm. Obviously, whatever car she buys will need some modifying but the fewer mods needed the better as she'd prefer to lease. So, what car would offer most of the following: automatic gears (with shifter on right or steering wheel if possible), indicator stalk on right hand side, automatic rain sensing wipers, auto headlights dimming, auto handbrake on and release and steering wheel controls for radio? Basically any car where using your left hand is minimised, without having to buy a left hand drive car.

Asked on 28 June 2017 by Mark Waddy

Answered by Honest John
Mercedes-Benz and the Citroen C4 Picasso EAT6 are the only cars I know of with the auto gearshift control on a lever to the right of the steering wheel. In the Far East, every RHD car has the indicators on the right of the column, but EC rules demand it on the left for the whole of Europe even though that doesn't make sense for RHD cars. To get it on the right you would have to have the car adapted and that might preclude a normal commercial lease.
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