Why won't my Volvo V40 start?

I have recently bought a Volvo V40 on a 52 plate. It's a 1.9d, an excellent car and I am very happy. However earlier today I was sat at some lights. When I went to pull away the vehicle cut out. I attempted to restart the engine but nothing. I got off the road, put £5 of diesel in and continued to mess under the bonnet to no avail, and then the battery died. I charged it with jump leads, and it turned over but wouldn't start. I pushed it downhill and attempted a bump start in second gear, but it didn't like that to say the least. Any ideas?

Asked on 23 August 2010 by Daddyguitars

Answered by Alan Ross
This could be a number of faults, such as a blocked fuel filter, cam crank sensor, MAF etc. Have a diagnostic check done first, before just guessing what might be the fault.
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