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When the air mass sensor on my car is plugged in, it drives terribly, goes into limp mode before 3000rpm. When the sensor is unplugged it drives okay. What can I do?
Do you have to reset the ECU after cleaning the Mass Air Flow sensor?
I had 2000X Ford Ka and after 10 years it started over-revving at idle. You suggested the MAF sensor needed replacing. Before going down that path, I exercised the MAF sensor cable connection, which cleared...
Whilst driving the engine sounds like it is 'catching up' or 'dropping down' without pressing the accelerator
When trying to start my Nissan Primera P12 it won't rev, it just splutters and then cuts out after a while. When turning it over it will start but won't rev, and when I drive off it just splutters and...
I have recently bought a Volvo V40 on a 52 plate. It's a 1.9d, an excellent car and I am very happy. However earlier today I was sat at some lights. When I went to pull away the vehicle cut out. I attempted...
I have a 2001 Nissan Micra K11 1.0. I've been experiencing really poor engine performance recently. It would start easy enough and idle OK, either cold or hot, but would not rev when I pressed the throttle,...
I bought a 2001 Ford Focus 1.6 LX just over two weeks ago. When purchased it had a fault which the RAC diagnosed as a faulty MAF sensor. Since then this has been replaced, but the car is still not driving...

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