What are the insurance implications if your car gets stolen/damaged whilst in the care of car wash operators?

When you use supermarket hand car washes, you hand over your keys for the car to be washed while you shop. So, what are the insurance implications if your car gets stolen whilst in the care of the car wash operators? How would your insurance company see this?

Asked on 19 June 2017 by Teejaybee

Answered by Tim Kelly
The supermarket car wash is liable for anything that happens to that vehicle whilst in their control (not just the car wash). I would be checking to make sure they hold insurance prior to passing my keys to anyone. Whenever you pass the control of your vehicle to someone else it is a risk. Personally, I would never use one. But, if I did, I would want a written contract in place before I did. This should either be by the car wash having a visible sign with a copy of their insurer visible to the public or a contract that you sign before you hand over control of your goods to them.
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