We unknowingly bought an ex-rental car - will this affect the resale value?

We bought a year old Lexus NX from Steven Eagell in Northampton in May. We did an HPI check on the car which had no details of previous owner and showed outstanding finance. When asked about both of these, the dealer said the car had been owned by Lexus and that they would pay off the finance when we bought the car. We have just received the logbook and the car was previously registered to Avis Budget UK. I would never knowingly buy an ex rental car, and feel the resale value will also be affected by this. Do you think this is sharp practice by the dealer?

Asked on 8 June 2017 by mb

Answered by Honest John
There is a misconceived perception that ex-rental cars are bad based on folk lore from the 1960s and 1970s, but the facts are that at least 50% of all cars re-sold at between 6 months old and 18 months old are ex-rental and there is generally nothing wrong with them. A variety of different drivers is good for a car rather than bad, and if a hirer returns a rental car damaged the penalties are draconian so they don't. It's also a lot more difficult to mechanically damage a modern car than cars of 50 years ago. That doesn't stop a Small Claims judge making a stupid judgement based on prejudice rather than fact under the 2008 CPRs. But when readers write to me complaining that their prejudices were not pandered to they get no help from me.
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