The dealer refuses to replace/repair my faulty car - what should I do?

I bought a secondhand Volkswagen Golf for £5000 from a dealer. It developed serious power issue after two months. Dealer refuses to accept liability but offered to pay half the cost of repairs in his affiliated garage. I have rung him twice and sent two recorded delivery letters asking for repair, replace or refund. On phone he refuses, he doesn't reply to letters. Volkswagen diagnostics show poor compression and ignition on cylinder three and the power booster faulty, possibly a very pricey repair. What would you do? He does not belong to a mediation service. The car ombudsman says he is not part of their service. Do I go to small claims for £5000 or get it repaired at Volkswagen and claim back the cost?

Asked on 3 May 2017 by Chris Fagg

Answered by Honest John
All you can do is reject the car and take the matter to Small Claims: Remember that once you get a ruling in your favour you then have to pay a further £70 to get a High Court Sheriff's order to seize the debtor's assets to the value of your claim plus the Sheriff's chargers.
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