Why doesn't our warranty cover brake disc pitting on our Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

My wife has a Merecedes-Benz A-Class bought just over a year ago from one of the car supermarkets. It still has outstanding warranty on it and runs well. It is low mileage, but has been used daily by ourselves. A recent service in a local garage revealed that the rear brake callipers were seized and the rear discs were corroded and pitted. The garage mechanic, who is a lifelong friend and very trustworthy, states that this work should be covered by the warranty of the car.

We have now had the car at the garage and Mercedes-Benz state that it is not covered. They asked if the car has been stood for a long time, which it hasn't with us. They state that the problem is natural causes and will not honour the work under warranty. Can you give me any advice?

Asked on 14 August 2010 by chrishoyisagod

Answered by Honest John
Take action against the dealer who originally sold you the car, because for the discs to have pitted they must have already been rusting when you bought the car. The difficulty is that after six months the onus is on you to prove this. Prior to six months, the onus is on the dealer to disprove the fault was present when you bought the car. More in the Consumer Rights FAQ at HJUK.
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