I paid the deposit on a used car - can I change my mind after 14 days?

On the 16th of March I went to see and test drive a Nissan at the West-Way Garage Stourbridge. My daughter test drove a Nissan Micra Visia. As it did not have air conditioning we were keen to buy a Micra Acenta. The car that was available that we liked, a Micra Acenta (2014) was not cleaned and had a small dent to be repaired. It was supposed to have a mileage of 6471. We paid a deposit of £200 to reserve the car. Since then I have made several visits to the garage wanting to test drive the car but always told 'it is not ready' to test drive, being through the MOT, repair and servicing. I am now told it would be ready on the 30th Thursday, which takes it over the 14 day statutory period to cancel the order and request a refund of the deposit. I am now informed that the car's odometer indicates a milage of 9303 miles (I am now concerned that the odometer has been re-set) In the copy of the receipt my daughter signed I now find has 'in small print' a statement : "the mileage indicated might not be actual milage of the car " I find this surprising that the dealer says that on servicing and MOT the odometer 'might have been' misread.

I would value your advice as to whether I should withdraw from the sale and request the deposit on the grounds that the West-Way Nisan Dealer is unreasonable. I suspect that the delay of 15 days is to force me to purchase a car I have my doubts about. As it is my daughters first car I would not want to buy a vehicle that might be of doubtful quality (and safety)

Asked on 29 March 2017 by JayEsW

Answered by Honest John
The mileage discrepancy alone is sufficient grounds to withdraw from the deal and if the dealer disputes this, take the matter of the mileage discrepancy to Small Claims to get your deposit back: www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/overview/
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