I want a Honda Civic Type R GT - should I buy secondhand from Honda or delivery miles only elsewhere?

I'm looking to buy a Honda Civic Type R GT as the best balance (as far as I can see) between performance, looks and practicality out there at the moment. Essentially I am looking for any buying advice you might have. I'm not looking to purchase new, but either secondhand from a Honda dealership or with delivery miles only from a large dealership, but am unsure as to which is a better bet. I'm led to believe that Hondas are built to last and the V-Tec engines are excellent but would value your advice.

Asked on 11 August 2010 by Wookiee

Answered by Honest John
Before you buy, take an extended test drive and judge whether you can live with the ride quality and the very low gearing. I'd rather buy a car with some miles on it than a same age car that has been sitting doing nothing.
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