Is buying a diesel car a bad idea even if I do high mileage?

I'm looking at getting a used car, no older than 2015, to use for about 25,000 miles of mostly motorway driving per year. Due to my mileage, I was looking at diesels but every day seems to bring more bad news stories about the future of diesel. Is buying diesel now a stupid idea or still worth it for my mileage?

Asked on 5 March 2017 by Rooby

Answered by Honest John
Basically at 25,000 miles a year you're going to run the car into the ground so don't need to worry much about its future value because it won't have much anyway. It could be that the benefit of better fuel economy still exceeds the likely maintenance costs of the emissions system. But the obvious answer is a hybrid, such as a Toyota Prius or Auris HSD.
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