What is the best product to to re-inflate a punctured tyre?

Yesterday my wife's Toyota iQ got a puncture, fortunately I was in the car with her. The car has no spare wheel so I tried to use the Toyota-supplied mini compressor which injects a sealant into the tyre as it is inflating it. It didn't work. A rescue service took us to a tyre specialist where I bought a new tyre and the fitter told me that Holts Tyreweld is a much more effective way to try and re-inflate a punctured tyre. Not only that, but the tyre is not ruined by the injected foam. Do you have any view on the best 'rescue' product to use in such circumstances?

Asked on 5 March 2017 by Penner

Answered by Honest John
Yes. The AA. Don't ever squirt anything into a tyre expecting it to seal a puncture. In 99 per cent of cases it doesn't work. Best to join the AA that now carries universal emergency wheels to get you to a tyre depot.
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