What economical car is suitable for elderly and tall passengers that could also do 435 miles per week?

I'm trying to buy a car suitable for my mother's mobility issues, my tall family members and my 435 miles per week. It also needs to take a walking frame in the boot. I like the Nissan Pulsar and Toyota Auris. I'd like the Pulsar but I'm very influenced by your reviews and the long term reviewer said there is a problem with the low front of the car on inclines and on speed bumps. Dublin is speed bump crazy. Is there any chance this issue is fixable? The Auris takes the walking frame and I think the door opens quite wide. Should I buy a hybrid for the 435 miles of mixed driving each week? Or should I just buy one of these cars in diesel? I'd prefer petrol if it is economical but I realise it probably isn't.

Asked on 21 February 2017 by Evie

Answered by Honest John
An Auris hybrid Touring Sport should suit everyone. Petrol hybrid. Extremely reliable. Low maintenance costs. 50-60mpg.
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