Do you know about the on/off nature of Toyota's Safety Sense system?

I wondered if you are aware of some major issues with Toyota's Safety Sense (TSS) system. TSS controls the pre-collision system, collision mitigation system, lane departure system, automatic dipping lights. In cold and wet weather, at night, in fog and seemingly at random, the car's computer disconnects the system - accompanied by a bright yellow flashing light (VERY distracting at night and a safety issue in its own right) and a complete info panel warning. Toyota contends that this shows the system is operating correctly. Nothing in Toyota's publicity states that TSS is a "sometimes on - sometimes off" system and so it's not at all unreasonable for owners to believe they would always have this additional safety system available.

Asked on 30 January 2017 by maddog23

Answered by Honest John
This type of radar system cannot work in all conditions and never could, so far better that it informs you it is not functioning than it suddenly slams on the brakes when you least expect it, as has been happening with early renditions of the VAG system.
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