Do I need a genuine BMW windscreen replacement for a 5 Series?

I looked at non-manufacturer approved 5 Series at a BMW dealer. The car was nice apart from a two-inch crack in the front windscreen and worn brake pads (the seller said that it can last for another 6 months). They are happy to replace the windscreen for a new one but not the genuine BMW. Does it make a difference to change non genuine one in the terms of rain/light sensors fitted and for the later resale price of the car?

Asked on 22 January 2017 by Marco

Answered by Honest John
Screen cracks are common in the 5 Series. It's a stressed screen that adds stiffness to the body, but is relatively thin. It's important to fit a proper a BMW screen to ensure everything works properly and also very important to check afterwards that there are no leaks by jetwashing the screen area.
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