Should I buy an OEM air-con condenser or aftermarket?

I need a new air-con condenser for my 2008 Corsa 1.3 diesel. I appreciate OEM parts can be of higher quality etc but the OEM price quoted is £398 + VAT. All over the internet there are quotes for the same part from as little as £38 to £180 and prices inbetween. Can you give me your thoughts on why there's such a massive price difference, is this just blatant profiteering by the OEM, (it's not exactly a complicated part)? The car runs like a dream but is quite old now.

Asked on 5 April 2024 by Keith

Answered by David Ross
An OEM part is produced in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and to the same standard, so this comes with a degree of reassurance in terms of its longevity. However, aftermarket parts can provide better value and quality that is close to, or in some cases better than the OEM specification. It is a matter of balancing cost versus quality - there will always be the option of very cheap parts that will not last as long. We would suggest looking for an aftermarket part for a reputable manufacturer that should provide a good balance of quality and value.
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