Can I check my own details on the National Insurance Database?

My car insurance is now due for renewal but premiums are all excessively high, being 75-100 per cent more than last year, even though I have 14 years NCD. When I contacted my current insurer it appears there is a note against my vehicle concerning an accident in July 2016. This relates to a fraudulent claim where my car's reg was quoted, however I knew about this and had been assured by the insurance company that they agreed the claim was false and they have confirmed same in writing. Problem is that I suspect that this false claim is still registered on the national database which is why my insurance quotes are so high.

They say they will now remove any reference to aforementioned claim from the national database but that premiums would not be affected anyway as the information wasn't available to other insurers. Is there any way I can check my details on this National Insurance database?

Asked on 6 January 2017 by

Answered by Honest John
Yes, it will be. This is the nasty situation that a lot of drivers are finding themselves in and insurers say policyholders can't do anything about it due to insurance being based on "absolute good faith". So what you have to do is notify the Motor Insurer's Database that if they do not remove this false information you will take out a small claims action against the MID for the libel damage to you of continuing to record false information about you. But anyway, insurers use 'dynamic pricing' for renewals by which they hit you with a ridiculous initial quote then gradually come down until a mutually acceptable price is reached, probably about 20 per cent more than last year's premium.
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