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Is the Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 petrol reliable?

As an avid reader of your weekly column I thought you might be able to help with the following:

I've seen a 2011 Renault Grand Scenic automatic for sale with a 2.0 petrol engine. In your 'car by car' review you only discuss the diesels and a turbo petrol, but not this one. Assuming these are good quality cars like the MK3 Laguna, I wondered if you knew anything about this particular engine?

Is this 2.0 petrol an old Nissan chain cam engine or a basic version of the 2.0 petrol from the Laguna GT which I understand has a belt? Finally would you know if this is a reliable torque converter transmission (I note there are no noted complaints in the good/bad section for the Scenic)?

Asked on 13 December 2016 by Mark Wittler

Answered by Honest John
It's listed in the 2009 Grand Scenic Road Test:, which says: 2.0 16v VVT petrol 1,998cc: 103kw (143PS) at 5,500rpm, 195Nm (144 lb ft) torque at 3,750rpm. CVT auto. I think this is the F4R engine, which is timing belt and dates back to the previous model Scenic, so doesn't share the improvements in quality of the later Laguna that was built at an entirely different factory.
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