Buying a used Touran, three questions...

1. How can I tell if a petrol Touran has the FSI engine when they're all debadged? (I hear this is the best engine to go for due to additional torque and MPG?).

2. I've read all the problems surrounding Diesel Tourans but very little on Petrol, are there any major issues with the Petrol version?

3. The max mileage I've seen on a Diesel Touran being sold on Autotrader was 270,000 but for petrol only 170,000. What is the real longevity difference between the two?

Asked on 18 November 2016 by Ben

Answered by Honest John
All the petrol engines are TFSI. 1.4s and 1.2s were chain cam up to about 2013, then reverted to belt. 2.0s were belt to 2008/2009 then switched to chain. Go to the VW entries here: Scroll down to the relevant models, then scroll across to Good & Bad, for example:
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