Should I replace my Golf GTi with an Audi S3?

I am tempted to replace my Golf GTI Performance manual with a new S3 S-Tronic. I added quite a lot of options to the Golf such as 19 alloys and DCC etc. So this time around I would really appreciate your advice as to what options I should consider such as magnetic ride, tech pack etc on the S3?

Asked on 18 November 2016 by Doug McLellan

Answered by Honest John
If going for an S3 s-tronic, the first thing you absolutely have to have is the new 7-speed wet clutch s-tronic box that works really well; not the old 6-speed wet-clutch s-tronic that does not drive nearly as well. Don't go overboard on silly big alloys with very low profile tyres because you'll forever be replacing expensive tyres and sometimes bent alloy rims as well. Magnetic ride is essential. Tech Pack if you want it.
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