Is the Lexus CT200 a wise used buy?

I am looking to buy a newer car and have a budget of up to £11,000. I do a daily round trip of 45 miles: a mixture of dual carriageway, A road and town driving. I don't want a diesel based on previous bad experiences with them.

I have seen a Lexus CT200 (2012 model) with 11K on the clock for for £10,500 with full service history. I have read mixed reports but owners seem to like them. I'm a mature driver and am not looking for a racer, comfort and costs more important. Do you think this is a sensible and reliable car? Or could costs of maintenance/repairs offset the fuel/road tax savings. Could their be expensive problems with the battery, for instance?

Asked on 10 November 2016 by Trevor

Answered by Honest John
Sensible and reliable, just like the Prius and Auris hybrids it's based on, and better finished than either. But, depending on the wheel and tyre size, it can have a very hard ride and short-life, expensive-to-replace tyres.
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