Nissan Micra gearbox problems

I own a Nissan Micra with a manual gearbox. I have had the car from new (five months) and had no problems until recently. Indeed, when the weather became colder in October, I noticed the downshift from 3-2 becoming more difficult.

I contacted the dealership who agreed there was a fault and replaced the gear linkage cables. This made the problem worse and it was sent back to the garage who then replaced the gearbox. When I collected it the 'box seemed fine but since then it has become notchy again when cold.

On the morning of the first frost of the season the other day I took it out for a spin and it was almost impossible to change from 3-2 for a couple of miles and the whole box was stiffer than usual. I'm looking to reject this car on the basis of unfit for purpose and unsatisfactory quality, any thoughts or observations welcome.

Asked on 8 November 2016 by Liam

Answered by Honest John
The K13 Micra is infamous for clutch problems. But your problem might be due either to not enough oil in the gearbox, or gearbox oil contaminated with moisture. I wonder if the dealer did actually change the gearbox. But if you want to try to reject it, here is the procedure:
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