Mazda BT50 Auto Gearbox problems - Dealer refuses to pay

Our 2009 Mazda BT50 3.0 automatic has covered just 24,000 miles, mostly towing up to its rated capacity. It now has a serious leak from the gearbox and an independent mechanic has diagnosed transmission failure and says it requires rebuilding.

The supplying dealer has topped up the ATF (apparently it was half empty!) but says Mazda will not be contributing to anything towards gearbox repairs and effectively washed its hands of the vehicle. I don't think this is good enough, surely the gearbox shouldn't have failed so quickly?

Asked on 6 December 2013 by RD

Answered by Honest John
Why did you not regularly check the ATF? It has a dipstick. Towing overheats an autobox and burns the fluid. So it's your use of the vehicle and lack of maintenance that has led to the failure, which is why Mazda won't pay.
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