Where's the best place to buy a used Ford Galaxy?

Do you still recommend Addison Lee for buying a used Ford Galaxy? Just saw some negative comments on other websites. Is it worth getting a mechanic to check them out? How do you choose one over another?

Asked on 1 October 2016 by Conor Hanrahan

Answered by Honest John
Addison Lee is now moving out of Galaxy diesels and into hybrids. But if you want a black used Galaxy it will almost inevitably have once belonged to Addison Lee because they ran 4000 of them, selling the cars at 100k - 120k miles. Engines should be okay because they changed the oil every 5000 miles to increase the lived of the DPFs. Powershift transmissions have sometimes needed some work, but I've been in ex Addison Lee Galaxys with 160k miles on them where the driver has only had to spend £500 fixing the Powershift.
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