Pug 607 Hdi 136 vs. BMW 520d (00-03)

I guess you will recommend the Pug just for the sake of its age rather than older BMW, but I'll ask you anyway. The models in question are 607 2.0 Hdi 136 and older BMW 520d with the same output. The priority is high speed refinement and ride comfort and I guess they are about the same in refinement and BMW is a firmer riding car. Is Pug quieter and softer? Is older BMW in best possible condition worse proposition than newer (05 on) Pug for about the same price? I think BMW is getting very old and not dealing with it very well, but I'm not quite sure about everything....

Asked on 20 September 2016 by ziki

Answered by Honest John
Despite being belt cam, the original PSA 2.0HDI was a near legendary engine, sometimes achieving 400k miles in the hands of 'private hire' cabbies. You'll probably get electrical trouble with both these £500 cars but I'd edge towards the Peugeot for refinement on the motorway.
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