Buying a Skoda Yeti - petrol or diesel?

We have a 2004 BMW saloon 2.0 diesel which we are passing on to our son. We are looking at buying a Skoda Yeti to replace it. My husband wants another 2.0 diesel. I want a 1.4 petrol as we only do 6000 miles a year.

Our mileage is made up of three short journeys (seven miles max) per week, plus possibly one journey of around 15 miles round trip three times a month. For holidays, the car will need to tow a braked trailer tent on occasion, which has a maximum weight of 750kg fully laden. I don't think a 2.0 diesel is the right car for us, but my husband is insistent on the diesel. What's your opinion?

Asked on 15 September 2016 by kimtrev

Answered by Honest John
Happily, from September 2015, the Yeti became available with the VAG 1.4TSI 12r and 1.4TSI 150 ACT. Those are the engines to go for at your sort of mileage. The ACT 150 is particularly nice to drive and has plenty of torque to tow 750kg.
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