Seat belt warning fault on Golf SV

I own a Volkswagen Golf SV, which suffers a fault with the seat belt warning system. The problems manifests with the warning sound pinging away intermittently. Recently, on a long journey, it went off for 25 minutes.

The car has been back to the dealer, but they cannot find the fault due to its intermittent nature. The car is under guarantee; would we be in order to request a replacement vehicle?

Asked on 21 August 2016 by BBKCN7

Answered by Honest John
Tell the dealer that supplied the car that if he can't fix it you will call in and if airbagman can fix it you will pay him, then recover the cost from the dealer, using the Small Claims procedure if necessary. Only sufficient a fault to reject the car within the first 30 days under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Too trivial if the car is older.
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