Faulty car - what are our rights?

I recently purchased a used (2008 model) BMW 1 Series. When driving it home from the dealer the engine management light came on. I looked in the car's manual and the warning symbol had already been marked by the previous owner.

We contacted the garage and they took the car and provided a courtesy car. On chasing today they have said there is a fault code of low pressure in the fuel system. They say it was because there was insufficient fuel in the tank, but this is nonsense as it was not on low fuel.

We are not happy and have asked for our money back, but the dealer says he doesn't do refunds and they need to be given time to fix it. What are our options?

Asked on 18 July 2016 by Deborah Barrell

Answered by Honest John
Reads to me as if the high pressure injection pump is worn out. They are not legally allowed to tell you that "they don't do refunds". You can reject the car outright under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. All your consumer rights are here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/

Unfortunately that does not automatically mean you can get your money back. Even after a court order, some scumbag dealers refuse to pay and maybe even close their businesses down then start up again.
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