Rejecting a new car - why am I still out of pocket?

I bought a new Jaguar F-Pace recently, but rejected the car within 30 days because of faults. The dealer accepted this and refunded me what I paid, less new car registration fee and road fund licence. Whilst I will get a partial refund of the road tax from DVLA I am sure they will not refund first registration fee as this is part of the vehicle being put on the road.

The dealer has also refused to pay for the cherished number transfer or detailing which I had done by my own detailer, so these amounts total £1055 are down to me although directly attributable to the car and its faults. Do I have any legal case to claim this money back?

Asked on 10 July 2016 by rejectajag

Answered by Honest John
I don't think you are owed anything for the nonsense of the cherished registration change. I think a small claims judge would put that down to your vanity and not hold the dealer responsible, but you might want to take it to small claims to find out. The first registration fee of £55 is not refundable. However, the first year VED is a lot more than the subsequent year's VED (depending on the CO2 of the particular F-Pace you bought), and I don't think it is refundable to the dealer so I think you would only ever be refunded a proportion of a normal year's VED.
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