Buying a new hatchback - A3 or Golf?

I am retiring soon and want to buy a new hatchback with five-doors, a petrol engine and manual gearbox. I quite like the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf. Is the Golf due a mild update in October 2016 and has the Audi group sorted the issues with the petrol engines?

I am looking to maximise my retained value over the next three years so I would really appreciate your opinion as to the best specification and options that add value.

Asked on 29 May 2016 by greenock mist

Answered by Honest John
The updated A3 is already being built. Golf comes next. New 1.5TSI engines replace the 1.4TSIs. New wet clutch, maintainable seven-speed DSG replaces troublesome dry clutch seven-speed DSG. You will be able to get the updated A3 first, so that answers your question. Make sure it has the fully independent (not twist beam) rear suspension. You need satnav and adaptive cruise, but don't load it with extras because that can massively whack up the price to no great benefit on resale.
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