Why have Renault revised fuel consumption/CO2 figures for the Twingo?

I've just noticed that Renault appear to have revised their CO2 and fuel consumption figures for my Twingo model (2015 1.0L SCE Play). Original figures were: 50.4(urban), 72.4 (extra-urban) 62.8(combined) with 105g CO2 and now for the 2016 they are published as that it's less efficient: 44.8(urban), 67.3(extra-urban) 56.5(combined) with 112g CO2. Is this all in the wake of the VW scandal?

Asked on 28 May 2016 by countertenor

Answered by Honest John
Little bit baffling. Smart still seems to be quoting 97g/km for its 70PS ForFour which is the same car with a different body.
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