Buying a Renault Modus - which engine is best?

I need your assistance and opinion regarding the Renault Modus. We are planning to buy second car (used) and we are considering the Modus.

We are in a dilemma in regards which one to choose. We have almost found one with the 1.2 16v engine with 75HP, and second, slightly more expensive 1.2TCE with 101HP.

Second car will be used for car driving, and occasional country side rides and shorter journeys. Car will be used for driving kids to school and sports, and it will be rarely fully loaded. Which should we buy?

Asked on 24 May 2016 by Everlast

Answered by Honest John
The turbo engine is better to live with because it uses heat more efficiently. A water cooled turbo heats up the rest of a petrol engine and the cabin of the car far faster than a naturally aspirited petrol engine simply because the engine coolant is passing through a turbo situated in the exhaust manifold, which is the hottest part of the engine.
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