Swapping tyres on a Ford Fiesta

I have just changed my 2013 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost for a 2015 model (same spec) with less than 3000 miles on the clock. The only snag is it has 195/45/R16 tyres and my previous model had 195/50 R16 which was a much better ride.

My old tyres have only done about 8000 as I have a winter set also. The garage are willing to swap them, but will this be ok?

Is it unwise to put three year old tyres on a one year old car, even though they haven't done many miles? Also, do you think the car's computer will need to be recalibrated with the change of tyre size?

Was going to get a set of the new Michelin CrossClimates, but they don't do my size.

Asked on 17 May 2016 by Bron

Answered by Honest John
It will alter the gearing slightly so the five per cent optimism of your speedo will probably turn into dead accurate. But if they worked on the 2013, I can't figure why the would not work on the 2015.

Michelin lists the correct sizes as 175/65 R14; 195/50 R15; 195/45 R16; 205/40 R17. But when I tested the Fiesta EcoBoost 125 in 2013 it was on 195/50 R16s and even remarked that Ford had fitted slightly deeper profile tyres than before: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/ford/ford-fiesta-2.../
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