Volkswagen Scirocco gearbox failure

The gearbox on my Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 diesel failed at high speed on a motorway, with the wheels locking solid. A frightening experience. Gearbox is shot and my local dealer wants more than £3500 to fix it.

I took the car to local independent garage and they showed me that the clutch had failed, a component coming loose and, over time, gouging a hole in the gearbox casing causing the failure. The service records of the car show that I have complained on three occasions about an intermittent juddering from the clutch which Volkswagen have been unable to rectify.

At the time of the incident it had 56,000 recorded miles and was almost exactly four years old. The local garage is having the gearbox reconditioned.

My question is: do I have a viable legal case against VW here and if so, how do I set about fighting it? Finding a good consumer lawyer is difficult. I could shrug and walk away but it does not feel right that a four year old car with no great mileage on it should fail in this way, particularly as I began raising the clutch problem in July 2014.

Asked on 10 May 2016 by Alan Whitehouse

Answered by Honest John
No case against VW. Possibly a case against the supplying dealer if it serviced the car, but a weak one if the supplying dealer did not service the car. (Apparently the German government has not yet approved the emissions fix for VWs, though is has for Audis, which seems a bit weird.) I'd guess that the dual mass flywheel gave up. Your consumer tights are here:
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