How much should it cost to regass my i10's air con?

Is it fair that I have to pay £292 for air conditioning regassing on a 2-year old Hyundai i10? Apparently this model uses the new (and very expensive) R1234yf environmentally friendly refrigerant and the firm's warranty excludes refrigerants unless required "as a direct consequence of a warrantable repair".

The dealer cannot guarantee how long the re-gassed system will work for and tells me that many owners just accept the air con not working. I don't think this is acceptable on a two year old model.

Asked on 27 April 2016 by LP in Brighton

Answered by Honest John
The first time I had my car's aircon regassed was at eight years old and the cost was less than £50. All car a/c have to use R1234yf, so unless you car is also getting a replacement component such as a stone damaged condenser radiator you are being right royally ripped of.
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