Should I buy my ex-lease 3 Series?

I lease a 2012 BMW 320d. It has done 14,000 miles and is regularly serviced. I retire next year and have the option of buying it for £11,500. Obviously my income will be reduced and I am a little concerned regarding any future repairs. Should I buy it or would it be better to avoid and get something else?

Asked on 25 April 2016 by Dickos

Answered by Honest John
The N47 diesel engine has had some timing chain tensioner issues, possibly resolved before yours was built, but there is still no substitute for annual oil and filter changes even with your low annual mileage. I got phenomenal fuel economy over 8000 miles from an F30 320dEF: 63mpg. £11,500 looks good to me.
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Great to drive yet on the right wheels and tyres has a forgiving ride. More space in the back than before. xDrive four-wheel drive available. 320d Efficient Dynamics averages a claimed 68.9mpg.

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